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chomiczówka district.
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buildings on the klaudyny and rudzka street. they were being built from 1973 until 80's. some of the flats inside the buildings have two floors.because they are very close to the vistula river, the buildings 'stand'on small hills to prevent mist get inside the apartments.
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summer meets powiśle.
by bartłomiej banaszak
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kinowa street by adam skalik.
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christmas greetings from warsaw.
panorama seen from the gdański bridge.
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new year's eve.
photo by michał laskowski
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fot. by radek świątkowski.
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the only one colorful is the palace of culture and science.
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in the town centre.
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warsaw sunset.
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mystic warsaw.
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warsaw sunset.
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a mermaid which used to shine on narutowicza's square.
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palace of culture and science.
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green space in the capital.
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it's raining at okęcie.
photo by aleksandra nawrocka
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